User Feed
This is the main page for browsing MotionArtist episodes. There are sections for popular episodes, newly submitted episodes, etc. The top banner highlights episodes from featured artists. You don’t need anything special to be featured on MotionArtistTV, just interesting, original artwork. It could be you! Hovering the mouse over a thumbnail will display an ‘eye icon’, which takes you to a viewing page, where you can watch the show! When logged in, a ‘watch later’ icon will add episodes to your watchlist.
This is the user profile page, showing all the episodes uploaded by the specific user from MotionArtist, the series containing multiple episodes, and other user’s content that is ‘liked’ or ‘followed.’ The page should be personal, and reflect your interests and the content you like. To create a profile, click the register item in the drop down menu at the top of the site. Follow the direction and confirm with the follow-up email. NOTE: When logged-in and looking at your own profile, you can change your profile picture, cover image, or edit your episodes and series. When looking at another users profile, these options are unavailable.
Episodes and Series
Episodes are single exported projects from MotionAritst software, while Series refer to a collection of episodes. Series have a dedicated page where a cover image can be set to the series. The containing episodes are displayed here. Also, a description for the series and thumbnail can be added here. Adding an episode to a series can be done using the “edit episode” icon on the user profile.
Viewing Area
When any thumbnail ‘eye icon’ is pressed, the user is taken to the Viewing Page for that episode. Here, you can view the episode, like the episode, comment on the episode, follow the series or user, and see related episodes. Episodes related, or in the same series, as the current episode, will be displayed below the viewing area. This way you can go from one episode to the next in a series.
Play Controls
When arriving at the viewing area, play controls should be visible above the project. Three controls are available initially: play/pause, reload, and mute/unmute audio. After pressing play, the play controls will disappear, only reappearing if the user hovers the mouse over the occupied region. The play controls can be moved around the viewing area. This is to ensures no interactive element is blocked by the play controls.
Account Settings
Navigating to the drop down menu, the user has access to the account settings, where edits can be made to the profile name, profile and cover images, password, etc.