Frequently Asked Questions
What is MotionArtistTV?
MotionAristTV is a social media community that utilizes an HTML5 canvas to share interactive animations made exclusively in MotionArtist software.
What is MotionArtist?
MotionArtist is animation software designed to bring digital comics and stories to life with interactive motion. MotionArtist uses advanced animation technology in a interface that is simple for non-animators to use, so even comic artists and cartoonists can get into computer animation. The software is available for desktop application on Mac OSX and Windows.
How can I join MotionArtistTV?
MotionArtistTV is built by MotionArtists, but made for everyone. That means anyone can create an account and start interacting with new and exciting MotionArtist content.
How do I upload my art to MotionArtistTV?
Everything you watch at MotionArtistTV came straight out of MotionArtist software. In fact, anyone with MotionArtist software can deliver their art to MotionArtist.TV with a single click. Note: The “Publish” feature is available with the MotionArtist 1.2 software update.
Where do I buy or update MotionArtist software?
The latest version of MotionArtist software can be obtained from the official website:
How is my art protected on MotionArtistTV?
Everything you upload to the website from MotionArtist is entirely owned by you, given that MotionArtist software was used in accordance with the End User License Agreement (EULA) distributed with the software, and its use on MotionArtistTV is in accordance with the site Terms of Service, located at:
How is inappropriate material and abuse dealt with on MotionArtistTV?
Any use of MotionArtist software that is in conflict with the software EULA is considered abuse, including uploading unlawful or inappropriate content to MotionArtistTV. Any and all uploads designated as abuse will be promptly removed from the site. Further, any registered user may file a complaint against potentially abusive content by filling out the “Report Abuse” form, located at
How do I get my art featured on MotionArtistTV?
Our featured content gives ordinary artists a chance to get noticed on a big stage, and all you need to do is sign-up and upload new, quality MotionArtist content. We will be constantly looking for any artists, big or small, who have interesting pieces of content and highlighting their work on our featured banners, through social media, and across our websites.